Effective as of February 22, 2022

Liquor Avenue Privacy Policy

We value your trust and take the protection of your personal information very seriously. This document outlines the way in which we collect, hold, secure, use and share your personal information. We encourage you to read it, so that you are comfortable with what we do and can help us improve your experiences with us.

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Website may change from time to time.

Collection of Personal Information

www.liquoravenue.co will not sell or distribute personal customer information to anyone. The information we collect online will only be used internally within our company to serve you better.

When you create an account at www.liquoravenue.co, the following are your personal information that we may collect:

  1. Name
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Gender
  6. Date of Birth

This information will only be collected if you are willing to submit the information. 

Collection of Information and Computer Data

Automatically, our website may also collect information and computer data through the browser service you use. We know this information to improve our services and not to be given to third parties.

Accessing Your Information

If you have an account at www.liquoravenue.co, you can access information in your account. You can also see:

  1. Order Details
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Mobile Number

We recommend that you safeguard your username, password and other details relating to your account on www.liquoravenue.co from third parties. We are not responsible for the misuse of your username, password and order details on www.liquoravenue.co, except as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

Payment Verification Links

Certain activities on our Website, such as payments using Xendit as a third party that will verify your Credit Card. Xendit will only verify your credit card to your bank. We will not provide your information with Xendit. www.liquoravenue.co uses Xendit as a third party that verifies your Credit Card for your convenience payment.


At www.liquoravenue.co, customers are our priority. Therefore, we are committed to providing a website that is safe and comfortable to use for all of our customers.

By using secure Internet browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, you can help ensure that your information that can be identified by third parties is not related.

If the security of your personal information under our control is revealed, then we will notify you in accordance with our policies. We will endeavor to notify you as soon as possible via the email you provide to us.